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General dentistry addresses the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral health issues. At Eagle River Dental, the skilled team of dentists specializes in general dentistry at their welcoming office in Eagle River, Alaska. They offer a variety of dental services, including cleanings, X-rays, and oral hygiene recommendations to keep your smile looking its best. To make your next appointment, call or use the online booking tool today.

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General Dentistry Q & A

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry is one of the most important branches of your dental care. It refers to the wide-ranging practice of preventing, diagnosing, and treating a host of oral health issues, disorders, and diseases.

The team of trained, skilled general dentists at Eagle River Dental act as your primary health providers on all matters relating your mouth, teeth, and gums. Even though they place an emphasis on preventive dental care and making sure you look after your oral health at home, they’re also equipped to advise you on more involved procedures.

What are some general dentistry services offered?

First and foremost, the dentists at Eagle River Dental provide foundational general dentistry services, such as cleanings, checkups, digital X-rays, and counseling on proper oral hygiene. These services are a key part of your preventive care since they help turn around bad habits and detect dental problems early on when they’re easiest to treat.

Other general dentistry services Eagle River Dental provides include:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Bridges
  • Root canals

These services all help treat issues like decay, lost teeth, or damaged teeth and can restore or even enhance your smile.

How do I benefit from general dentistry?

You and your family will benefit immensely from a dedicated focus on general dentistry. This part of your oral health care helps keep your smile in tip-top shape, while also limiting your risk of serious dental problems.

One of the most significant benefits of general dentistry is that it minimizes the odds of needing complex, invasive procedures that cost you time and money. By maintaining regular checkups, cleanings, and taking advantage of other general dentistry services at Eagle River Dental, the long-term health of your teeth and gums should be in good hands. This should help stave off problems like decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Also, general dentistry helps keep your teeth whiter and straighter, while ensuring your good gum health. The product of this is generally a smile you’re proud to show off. A happy, healthy smile makes you feel good about yourself and improves your self-confidence.

To find out more about general dentistry at Eagle River Dental, call or use the online booking tool today and schedule an appointment at the office.

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