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About 91% of Americans over the age of 20 have had a cavity at some point in their lives. The dental experts at Eagle River Dental in Eagle River, Alaska provide fillings to treat tooth decay that causes cavities. Fillings can be custom-made to match your natural teeth and enhance your smile. To learn more about the procedure, call or click today and schedule an appointment.

Fillings Q & A

What are fillings?

A filling is a dental appliance used to restore a tooth damaged by decay and restore its function, shape, and appearance. Cavities, which are holes in your teeth caused by decay, are often treated with fillings.

Removing the decayed material in your tooth is always the first step in placing a filling. The filling itself fills the space created by the cavity and restores your tooth. It also prevents bacteria from entering the cavity by closing off the spaces where bacteria could get inside.

There are different types of fillings that offer different benefits.

What are fillings made of?

At Eagle River Dental, the dentists offer porcelain and resin inlays and onlays that are tooth-colored. These tooth-colored restorations last longer than ever and their durability is practically comparable to other filling materials such as gold and silver. Eagle River Dental uses only mercury-free porcelain and resin fillings to treat tooth decay or address cosmetic flaws to teeth.

What are the advantages of tooth-colored fillings?

There are many advantages to tooth-colored restorations. Resin onlays are bonded to the teeth creating a tight, superior fit to the natural tooth. These can be used in instances where much of the tooth structure has been lost. The tooth remains intact and stronger.

Since the resin used in tooth-colored restorations contains fluoride, a resin onlay can even help prevent future decay. The resin wears like natural teeth and does not require placement at the gum line, which is healthier for your gums.

How does a procedure for a filling work?

Getting a filling to treat a cavity is a simple procedure. Your dentist first uses special dental tools to remove the decay and clean the affected area. They then replace the cleaned-out cavity will your filling, which is custom-made to fit your tooth based on impressions.

At Eagle River Dental, the team also provides procedures to replace silver fillings with tooth-colored restorations. This procedure involves two appointments.

During your first visit, the old filling, along with any decay present, is removed. Your dentist then takes new impressions of your teeth that are sent to the outside dental lab where your new filling is made.

When you return for your second visit, your dentist bonds the new filling to your tooth with cement before polishing your tooth. Afterward, your tooth is restored to a natural look and feel.

To find out more about fillings, call or use the online booking tool today and set up a consultation.